August 21, 2012

Let's Go Up to the Bedroom...

I have been getting requests for some time to sneak a peek at our bedroom.  See my bedroom?  But I hardly know you!

What the heck - welcome to our safe haven.  A 100% dog free and 99% baby free sanctuary.

The prints above the bed are from ($3.49 each - whoop) and framed in an Ikea frame ($14.99 each).  And the bed frame is from Ikea as well (see a pattern) and I have owned it for close to 3 thousand years.

Here is another side of the room - featuring an art project of paint chips (thanks to an idea from YoungHouseLove). 

Well, what do you thing of our little slice of heaven?  Anyone else secretly working on a dining room redo?  Anyone getting really angry with the dining chairs they are re upholstering?

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