July 15, 2011

Art You Beautiful!

Most of you have probably seen or used Art.com before, but some of you may not know how their site has recently improved. They have recently launched a new tool called 'Match My Image' that could possibly be the greatest idea ever. You simply upload an image, and it shows you a bunch of art that coordinates with it. Genius!

So lets say you had a photo from a camping trip years ago, but needed something similar in the room to balance things - presto!

Art.com has also updated their search engines - and they are super user friendly now. I tried a few searches test it out, and I was amazed with the results.

1. Animals;DogsAndPuppies;Scottish Terrier;Canvas;

2. Maps; MapsOfEurope;Vintage;

3. Photography; BlackAndWhite; Dance;


Have you checked out this updated Art.com yet? Isn't it super neat? Are you all really pumped that it's Friday and you get to sleep in tomorrow? Or are you going to Ikea and have to be out of bed at 5:30am? Just me?

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