July 8, 2011

Speaking Of Blue..

Painting the exterior of the house must be really getting to me, because I'm starting to dream in blue. It is making me realize just how much I love that colour!

While browsing blogland today, I found two photos that perked my interest. Here is one design photo featuring a set of blue coral artwork.

As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of this artwork that I did for the kitchen, which is available for purchase at Bird and Bear (I'm also getting a lot of request for the 'BlueShrimp', so I will be making that available on the website shortly)

And I also spotted this photo online. Notice the sign

'Hippies Use Backdoor' - hah! I've looked at this sign for sale at Michael'sCrafts a billion times, and loved it, but never knew where I would use it. Love the application of it in that room though!

I find it especially funny because my little brother is a hu-uge hippie. He's an old photo of him that is my favorite.

Ahh, reminds me that I need to go to the beach lots this weekend. Are you going to the beach this weekend? Are you going to try and get some colour on those 'chalky-white' legs of yours? Did you slap your friend Jamie when he said your legs looked 'chalky-white'? Oh. Just me then.

My Sidney, BC readers will probably find this story interesting!

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