July 3, 2011

There She Blues!!

Okay, how many 'blue' reference post titles can I come up with that make me giggle? So far two.

I spent another few hours working this weekend, painting the exterior of the house (our summer project originally mentioned here), this time working on the front entrance area. You might remember that I painted the front door about a month ago (seen here) and I thought it might be a good place to do "round 2" of gettin this ol' house all painted and perdy.

I started by painting the siding blue as before, making sure to get it all the way into the corners. This usually involves using my trusty brush (that I have used on most of my painting projects for the past few years. We're pretty tight, brush and I.) to get into all the cracks and corners, then rolling out paint on the base with a 'wizer' (ie a mini roller).

Once that has dried, I take my trusty brush, and paint the trim in ivory paint. This takes a steady hand to 'cut in' the paint, and can make or break a paint job. I, for no particular reason, am really good at cutting in paint, so this job usually falls on me. In this case, all of the painting job fell on me.

It looks so nice and crisp once I started painting the trim ivory. Here is a little before and after all-in-one shot (ie Erin was only half done painting the trim)

Above you can also see I painted the 'ceiling' area in the ivory as well, just to brighten things up.

It is now a far cry from how it looked a month ago. Here is a 1 month before and after of the entrance area:

And lastly, a photo taken at 'magic hour', when the sun was just going down.

Is anyone else painting their house this summer? Is everyone else ditching home renos for the lake, like I did yesterday? Did you get 'saved' by your 200lb newf dog every time you swam too far from the beach? Does anyone else buy their bathing suits with their dogs fur colour in mind?

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