June 2, 2011

Front Door Pick-Me-Up

Last weekend, our good friend Jamie adopted a puppy from the SPCA - named Jacob. Big floppy ears, big blue eyes - little Jacob is just the cutest!! I'm pretty smitten with him, and what's not to like? Check out this adorable mug:

Even better was watching him play with Lucy this afternoon:

Okay, mostly hiding. But I swear he got going as soon as I put the camera away. In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw a little tongue-to-tongue action, but we won't speak of that.

Anyways, back to the front door. Our front door was originally painted white when we first bought the house, although you could barely tell. It was dirty, and rotting and I think the previous owner's dog had been locked out side a few times. Bad shape.

I always keep an eye out at GeneralPaint for their mistints (ie buckets of paint they sell for a few bucks just because they were already tinted) and one day I came upon the perfect grey paint for the front door. Best part - it was free because it wasn't a full can. Sa-weeet.

Two coats and two hours later I had a freshly painted door. Not only does it look crisp and new, but the new colour is much more forgiving for dirty hands.

And here is a side by side before-and-after shot of the door:

Now just to paint the rest of the house...

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