June 7, 2011

Exterior of Morgan House

Boy, has it been a busy few weeks here at MorganDesignInc! With summer finally here (we skipped spring in Victoria this year, apparently) we have kicked it into high gear with getting the yard ready for summer BBQ's and lounging in the hammock. Okay, I've already had a few naps in the hammock - surprisingly the jungle of a backyard doesn't bother me if I have a Revello and my book with me.

But last weekend we did so much work on the yard that it looks 1 million times better (more on that to come). Now we really need to start working on the exterior of the house. Which means -you guessed it - Erin gets to paint something! And then some.

Here are the list of things that I would like to get done on the exterior of the house this summer:

1. Paint the siding
2. Install trim (that's right, our house has no trim. We do not know why.)
3. Wash the grungy metal roof
4. Paint the metal roof (don't fight me on this one, Rich, you know I'll win)
5. Re finish the two back doors

And, if there's time - enjoy it all! We have a game plan for item #1 and #2 - we're going to attack one side of the house every weekend until it's all done. It's hard to explain, but our house has many more than 4 sides to it, so this will take most of the summer. We will need to cut into the siding, install trim, wash the siding, and then paint it all. Easy enough (and cheap enough) if we do one side at a time. Nothing too daunting that way.

This weekend is the start of this project, which leaves me with 3 more days to actually decide what I want. The paint has been bought - and it's beautiful! It's a grey/green/blue/teal... okay, I can't really remember, but I do recall it being a thing of beauty. Now I have to decide what I want for trim colour, exterior doors (other than the front door I just painted), roof colour and if I want something interesting in the gable ends. Here are some exterior photos that are really inpiring me for this project:

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