June 27, 2011

Hello, my name is Free.

Those who know me well - know that I love a good free printable. Love.

So today I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite free printable sites. I use them for printing and making framed prints, and wish I had them when I was getting married.

The Graphics Fairy
The best place for all your old fashion prints - I use this one a lot. I used the following print in my living room (photos to come)

The Wedding Chicks
My new favorite website! Totally customizable invitations and stationary - you can even customize all of the colours! I feel like my friend Jennie is the only other one who, like me, will be now mumbling in her sleep "Mason jar invites, or bicycle...hmm.."

Lemon Squeezy
A one-of printable bookmark, but they are too cute! It's of a fox, but I think it looks like Dutch (who also looks like a fox)

Again, a simple one-of printable, but made me giggle out loud at how very Erin-and-Richard this is. Make with the chocolate, Bozo.

Have any of you tried these different sites? Isn't TheGraphicsFairy the best site ever? Do you have photos of old bicycles in your living room? Will you now?

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