June 18, 2011

Lamp Upgrade

You know, this really started out far more innocently than it now may seem. And yes, I know you’re snickering, because how on earth can one innocently go about spray painting something for a different room than the one they are currently remodeling? Well, you’re me, that’s how - and you found a lamp for $1.50.

I had purchased a dusty, brass lamp base months ago (waaay before I bought these ones), while shopping with my good friend Jennie in the 2nd-Hand-Store neighborhood of Sidney. It was old, ugly, and, yay, $1.50! I still had to grudgingly pull out my debit card as others in the line up behind me groaned, but really, who carries cash anymore? It sat untouched in my living room for months, taunting me with a ‘Oh, I could look so much prettier’ vibe, until my inner do-it-yourselfer/ I-dont-have-to-wait-for-hubby spirit would not allow it to sit there and taunt me any longer.

My first thought was to spray the base a bright colour, like orange, and choose a neutral shade. Realizing I have no where in my house for such a bold piece, I opted for a simple gloss white base. Finding a great lamp shade was a whole different battle. I first looked for a modern printed fabric shade, but finding said shade proved more difficult than originally expected. After searching for ages (okay, Walmart and HomeSense twice) I hesitantly purchased a neutral shade. I thought I would stencil a design on it with yellow paint, but after ‘just trying’ the shade on my lamp before painting, I realized it was beautiful just the way it is. Cool, clean and modern – a far cry from its last home on a dusty second-hand-store shelf!

Lamp: $1.50
Spray paint: free (duh, Erin has a stash)
Lamp shade from HomeSense: $14.99
Total cost for the perfect lamp: $16.49

Have any of you remodelled a lamp before? Did you get to play with spray paint? Am I the only one that has a stash of about 7 cans of spray paint they don't let their husband use?

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