June 15, 2011

Client's Bathroom

I've been working with a pair of clients on their full house renovation for several months now, and the first room of their renovation is now complete. I had the honour of helping design this beautiful powder room on their main floor, and we are all very happy with the way it has turned out.

While my clients wanted to keep their budget under control, they were more concerned with getting an amazing result. And while I work with lots of clients with different degrees of budgets, I love it when I'm allowed to buy [marble] quality products for a job.

I convinced the clients to go with a custom Crema Marfil marble counter top - which turned out amazing. I then added a custom back splash of 1" x 2" Crema Marfil marble tiles (one of the clients and myself installed this our selves). I am a big fan of custom back splashes as it give so much extra personality to a room.

The client was set on a rectangle sink, and I think it really gives this room a chic look. I added a chrome fixture to give the room some extra polish, and found this great soap dispenser (Home Sense) with a fern pattern on it, to give the room a bit of whimsy.

All in all, I, and more importantly the clients, are thrilled with the results. It is a great place for folks to come wash their hands before dinner, or check their makeup as they run out the door.

Here is a list of a few sources:

Marble Counter: Eurocraft Marble (Crema Marfil marble)

Back splash: Hourigans Carpets and Linos (Crema Marfil 1" x 2" by Olympia Tile)

Mirror, Soap Dispenser, and Vase: Home Sense (vase for only $39.99, soap dispenser and vase were $9.99 each)

Sink and faucet: Splashes

Toilet: Home Depot (American Standard)

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