June 21, 2011


Okay everyone, this is the best site ever invented. Besides the MDI blog, of course. My friend/mindreader Jennie sent me this link and I have not stop playing with it since (okay, I showered once and might have look away long enough to down a few DoleSparklers).

MyDeco Link

Right - so I'll explain: this is a 3D room planner (which I looove), for free, and they have access to millions of real items that actually exist to put in the room (they even have links of where to buy them - love.) I've been playing around 'making over' a few rooms in my house, and a few rooms I just made up for fun. Best part about this planner is, you can snap a photo and in a few hours a beautiful 3D photo will be available. These photos are quite realistic, and I was actually a little taken back when I saw this one, which is an updated version of my bedroom:

It makes me realize that I need to update the bedroom to look this pretty ASAP! (I bought some supplies to do the photos over the bed last night - shh.) And here's another view (PS - totally needing that chrome deer head. Need.) Update - Hubby noticed the deer head and said no way - so I have to find a way to purchase and adhere a large chrome animal head to his side of the bed without him noticing. Suggestions?

It is so crazy how much this one looks like my room! Minus the great bird cage, chandelier painting and nice lamp.

I've been wanting to join the sunburst-mirror-fanclub for a while now, and I think this would make a great spot for one.

And for fun I kept playing around with all sorts of different rooms - look how cute this baby's room is!

I even took a 'before and after' (Erin is a total dork. That is all.)

And then I redid my hallway, just the way I have been planning for a while:

Have any of you tried this online 3D room planner? Did you think it was the best thing ever? Did you run home to your spouse and make him watch you present all your newly made rooms and get upset when he wasn't in awe of your creations? Do you think this would be a great program for decorators to use to show clients?

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