July 11, 2011

Another Lamp Upgrade

I love the smell of spray paint in the morning! Well, I've been at it again, turning an ugly old ($2.50 did I mention?) lamp into a thing of beauty. All it took was a little help from my ol' friend Spray Paint.

Remember when I went to the DeanParkAnnualGarageSale and grabbed all those great lamps on the cheap? The brass/glass one (second from the right) was my target this time.

This time I opted to do something different and cheery - a little different than my 'very-erin' white lamps.

Krylon has an amazing array of colours for their indoor/outdoor spray paint (available at Walmart, CanadianTire, etc) - for this project I grabbed a pretty 'robins egg blue'

You may remember my little side table in the living room, from when I made little orange and blue boxes during a snow day.

And here is my cute table now with my lovely blue lamp

I taped off the glass middle (a last minute decision) and I am so glad that I salvaged some of that beautiful old world charm.

Well, have I convinced you to spray up some lamps yet?

Watching reruns of TrueBlood - I know it's a stupid show, but I forgot how gosh darn entertaining it is! Are you guys suckered into this show to? Do you remember when Sookie starts dreaming about Eric? Okay, maybe that's the only reason I'm watching..

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